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Welcome to my video game emulation site.
Home of the Nestopia, BSNES & Kega Fusion Cheat Code Packs.

August '15
Mighty Mo's World will be closing as of 09/20/15. The entire time that this site has been up it has only been funded by myself. No donations or advertising credits.
Also I don't feel that the site has high traffic anyways, so there's no reason for me to continue.

April '15
Nestopia Cheat Code Pack 2015-04-02.

March '15
History.dat 0.160.
Added (NES) Wizard & Warriors, Journey To Silius and Rush'n Attack files to my Video Game Ringtone Pack.
Added (NES) Friday the 13th - Outside, Boss Fight, and Map to my Video Game Ringtone Pack.

Input Mapper

February '15
Kega Fusion Cheat Code Pack 2015-02-13

January '15
I made Android notification files (.ogg files) of the WOPR computer in the 1983 movie Wargames. You can download them HERE

October '14
Metroid (NES) Walkthrough updated.
Nestopia 1.46.2.

September '14
DS4Windows 1.5.6.

September '14
Updated NES - Metal Gear walkthrough.
Kega Fusion Cheat Code Pack 2014-09-07.
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Every item challenge:
I recently wanted to play through this game (twice in order to get all the secret items), so that I can update my walkthrough. I thought about trying to get every single item in the game. Not sure if this has already been done before, but has anyone ever done it?
Here is a ePSXe memory card save file that has my save file on it. I got a lot of the rare weapons. I don't know if I should bother getting all the food items.
Anyway check it out, and let me know what you think and what I'm missing. Just wanted to put some new life into this great game.
ePSXe Save File (WIP)
Nestopia UE 1.46.

August '14
Nestopia UE GIT 2014-08-31.
Updated Castlevania: Symphony of the Night walkthrough.
FCEUX 2.2.2 SVN r3078.
Stella 4.1 r2978.
DS4Windows 1.4.40 (PS4 Controller PC/bluetooth drivers).
History.dat 1.54c.

July '14
Nestopia UE GIT 2014-07-31.
Nestopia Cheat Code Pack 2014-07-26.
DS4Windows 1.4.34 (PS4 Controller PC/bluetooth drivers) AWESOME tool.
History.dat 1.54.
Kega Fusion Cheat Code Pack 2014-07-14.

June '14
Kega Fusion Cheat Code Pack 2014-06-28.
Nestopia UE GIT 2014-06-21.
Nestopia Cheat Code Pack 2014-06-16.

May '14
Nestopia UE GIT 2014-05-09.

April '14
GoodNES v323b, GoodSNES v323.
Kega Fusion Cheat Code Pack 2014-04-13.
History.dat 0.153.

January '14
Higan 094.
Stella 3.9.3.
Updated Phantasy Star II walkthrough (2014-01-13).
Kega Fusion Cheat Code Pack 2014-01-08.
I would like to send a huge thank you to vgturtle127 (check out his YouTube Channel), who pointed out a zillion broken links that were caused by a recent host change.
My entire Goodtools page has been fixed, along with countless other fixes, especially on the downloads page.
Also my email has been fixed, it was broken for a few months.
History.dat 1.52, Cheat.dat 0.152.
Happy New Year gamers! I hope everyone has a great 2014.
Added DS4 Tool (with edited readme), to properly use a Dualshock 4 controller on a PC. Dualshock 4 on a PC is awesome!

December '13
Added (NES) Metroid - Brinstar, Ending, Escape, Item Room, Kraid's Hideout, Mother Brain's Hideout,
Norfair, Ridley's Hideout, Samus Intro, and Tourian to my Video Game Ringtone Pack.

November '13
History.dat 1.51

October '13
Kega Fusion Cheat Code Pack 2013-10-28.
Nestopia Cheat Code Pack 2013-10-17.
For all you Android users out there, please download my Video Game Ringtone Pack. The link was broken for months when I was on my old server.
Lots of awesome ringtones/notification sound rips directly from the ROMs. NES Metroid "Get Health" and "Get Missile" are real gems :)

September '13
I recently switched hosts on 09/27. There was something wrong with my old hosts where I couldn't upload files, or the files would get corrupted.
Please report any broken links.
BSNES Cheat Code Pack 2013-09-04.

August '13
Updated Nestopia and Kega Fusion Cheat Code Packs.
Higan 093.
ePSXe 1.9.0.

July '13
Kega Fusion Cheat Code Pack 2013-07-06.
MAME Cheat.dat 0.149.

June '13
Stella 3.9.
Kega Fusion Cheat Code Pack 2013-06-27.
JNES 1.1.1.
History.dat 1.49.
MAMEUI64 0.149.
Nestopia UE Git 20130609.
BSNES Cheat Code Pack 2013-06-09.

May '13
Nestopia Cheat Code Pack 2013-05-12.
Kega Fusion Cheat Code Pack 2013-05-03.
Added five SMB1 ringtones to my Android Video Game Ringtone pack.

March '13
FCEUX 2.2.1 SVN 2879
Nestopia Cheat Code Pack 2013-03-01.

February '13
BSNES Cheat Code Pack 2013-02-27.
Edited Castlevania - Symphony Of The Night walkthrough a bit, and added updated ePSXe save state/memory card files.
Kega Fusion Cheat Code Pack 2013-02-06.

January '13
Nestopia Cheat Code Pack 2013-02-13.
Kega Fusion Cheat Code Pack 2013-01-24.
MAME64 0.148.

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